Denver 2011

Tenly Williams, oboe & James Kline, guitar

Tenly Williams and James Cline of Denver, Colorado joined forces with Kim Perlak and Martha Lopez to help a young guitarist raise money for disabled Iraqi children.

The Mountain Music Duo, comprised of guitarist James Cline and oboist Tenly Williams, has performed together for nearly a decade, commissioning new works and presenting world premieres as well as offering fresh interpretations of classical, pop, and jazz music.

In addition to providing extensive education in music and contributing to chamber music repertoire, the Mountain Music Duo also performs philanthropic events for worthy organizations promoting peace, generosity, and cultural enrichment.

Tenly says, “Music brings people together in ways that makes inspiration and compassion contagious. When I heard my friend and colleague Kim Perlak was organizing a benefit concert with Ben Werdegar for Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids, I knew I had to get involved.”

The Denver concert included musicians Anna Psitos, cello, Kevin Garry, guitar, and Ben Altman, guitar, as well as Tenly and James. The show raised over $500!

“Ben’s dedication and generosity inspired [Kim], she inspired me, and now I hope that the artists and audience at the Denver concert are looking for more ways to do good in the world,” says Tenly.

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