Ben & Kim playing at the concert in Austin on April 3, 2011

Our 2014 work will benefit the Veterans’ Guitar Project

The Fall classes in the Project performed beautifully on Veterans’ Day and will reconvene in January! Click that link for information about how to get involved.

Our friend and inspiration, Brad Blauser, is also back to work. Click on “Who We Support” for an update.

Ben & I Play for Peace is a musical partnership that encourages people to use their talents to help others and honors those in our community who devote their lives to service.  The project is a collaboration between Ben (a 16 year old philanthropist and classical guitarist), Dr. Kim Perlak (guitarist and college professor), and their friends from across the nation.  For three years, our concerts in Austin, Denver, Sarasota, and Seattle have supported CNN Hero Brad Blauser’s international non-profit Wheelchairs For Iraqi Kids, the national organization the Wounded Warrior Project, and the local Austin Veterans’ Guitar Project. We are moved by the service of our troops that make the work of WFIK possible and their personal sacrifice in service to our country.

Please join with Ben & I and our team of friends, students, and community partners to honor our service men and women and the children they helped while overseas. With your donation of time, talent, funds, or your presence, you are helping us reinforce 9yr old Ben’s original idea: “one person may not be able to solve a problem, but everyone can help to help”. We can all become the “I” in “Ben & I”.

To date, our concerts and guitar projects have raised more than $25, 000.00, helping Ben reach a 6 year personal total of more than $50, 000.00.

Thank you.

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