2012 Team from Ben & I Play for Peace - Sarasota

A warm thank you to all those who participated in Ben & I Play for Peace- Sarasota on Sunday, April 22, 2012!

We raised $1,031!!

My deepest gratitude to our excellent team for their performances!

Randy Locke, tenor, Martha Lopez-Leschke, soprano

Lurray Myers, piano, Deborah Polkinghorn-Suta, mezzo-soprano

Joyce Valentine, piano, Roman Vazquez, guitar

Sarah McCurry, soprano, Zachary Hlavac, tenor

Chelsea Davidson, soprano, Mateo Londoño, marimba

PURE Sarasota- middle eastern dance ensemble

Thank you to our 2012 partners:

Frank Harvey & Alfred Wolf, Piano Distributors of Sarasota

Michael Ridgewell, Holiday Inn Express- Plantation

Brian J. Boyd, who made our promotional video

Yoder’s Restaurant & Amish Village

Many thanks to our team of volunteers:

Alma Groome, Martha Lopez, Val Lopez, Chelsea March, Regan Hooper and Martin Leschke

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