Seattle 2012: About the Performers

Monarch Duo

Monarch Duo

“Monarch Duo makes new the music of the old world. Composed in classical tones and textures, their original songs breathe fresh life into the gypsy and klezmer traditions.  A collaboration between musicians Eli Rosenblatt and Cameron Peace, the two nylon string guitarists have been shaping their music for nearly three years as the Monarch Duo. They have stayed active performers since the groups inception, releasing a self titled album in 2009.  Their compositions represent the mosaic of sounds that have brought them joy and inspiration throughout life. A largely self-taught guitarists and vocalist, Eli blends the songs of his Ashkenazi heritage with his knowledge of Latin America music and his study of classical guitar. Cameron graduated with a degree in classical guitar and performs in groups ranging from folk and salsa to jazz and hip-hop. The group is currently writing and performing pieces for the next record.”  Visit for more information.

Cynthia Marie

Cynthia Marie of Golden Tree Story:

“Coming from many colorful traditions, the Golden Tree Story’s natural instrumental sound and memorable melodies create an eclectic listening experience for folk, classical, and jazz lovers alike.”

Visit to learn more about Cynthia Marie.

Camilia Jade & Mike Antone

Camelia Jade & Mike Antone:

“A northwest folk duo, blending North and South American styles; featuring two members of the group, ‘satellite by night’.”

A Cedar Suede

A Cedar Suede:

“A Cedar Suede is an eclectic combination of high-energy grooves, soaring classical motifs, and spontaneous improvisations. All pieces are the result of collaborative writing by Belskus and Maschler: a crossroads of modern musical flavors.Like the soundtrack to an adventure film, this wild ride never ceases to amaze and delight audiences. With a pounding percussive guitar, and haunting tones, mixed seamlessly through organic harmonies, no one genre encompasses the artistry.  Visit for more information.

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